“Hooping” refers to movement and dance with a hoop. Hooping combines technical moves and tricks with freestyle or dancing, and is typically accompanied by music.

In recent years Hooping has become popularized as a fitness regime alongside kickboxing, breakdancing and bellydancing.

Hoop Dance Classes are often combined with Pilates, Zumba  or Yoga, all of which build strength, balance, and flexibility.

Jazzphab Hula Hoops are also available at Unicycle.com and have been on sale at the British Juggling Convention, European Juggling Convention and various events throughout UK and Europe.

Avoid using your Hula Hoop on concrete or tarmac surfaces as you could scratch or tear the decorative finish. Direct sunlight or heat from a radiator could loosen, buckle or fade the decorative finish. Leaving the Hula Hoop outside in the wind and rain could also damage the decorative finish.

The hoop is not designed to be pulled between two people, or dragged in any way.

Do not use in a restricted space or in the presence of young children who may run in to the path of the rotating Hula Hoop.