Large 39″

Hula Hoops for adults who are just beginning want to exercise. Weighing approx 650g.

Medium 36″
For Hoopers who have learnt the basics and would like to try some tricks.  Made in  lighter weight 20mm tubing so more effort is needed spin the hoop. Also suitable for teenagers for  a daily workout.

Small 33″
Children’s Hula Hoops.

We can make hoops in any size you require.

Please email or call us on 07828 151047

Hula Hoop care

Avoid using your Hula Hoop on concrete or tarmac surfaces as you could scratch or tear the decorative finish. Direct sunlight or heat from a radiator could loosen, buckle or fade the decorative finish. Leaving the Hula Hoop outside in the wind and rain could also damage the decorative finish.

The hoop is not designed to be pulled between two people, or dragged in any way.

Do not use in a restricted space or in the presence of young children who may run in to the path of the rotating Hula Hoop.